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With personalized health & fitness coaching, we will find practical goals for you with reasonable timelines, give you proper guidance regarding exercise and mindful movement, coach you on mentalities related to eating and nutrition and refer you to our other specialists when necessary.

Big Picture

We want to keep the big picture in mind and get all systems running smoothly, so you can live in the zone.

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About Move True

Establish Your Purpose

First things first… why are you here?  Motivation will come and go so it’s important to establish a clear purpose for our training. When our purpose is clearly defined and kept in sight, other aspects of our training (and our lives) can start to fall into place.

Find Balance

True health and wellness includes physical, psychological, social, emotional, existential and environmental health. All these domains are intertwined and strongly connected, giving us the delicious challenge of finding a healthy balance all around. So whether it be balancing work & play, commitments & desires, or standing on leg while playing catch, we’re here to help you move true to yourself.


It is easy to get lost in the sea of health and fitness information circulating the internet. Just like any trade, the most successful people are those who master the fundamentals. It’s imperative to not lose sight of what really matters as our journey progresses. 

Express Yourself

Through movement, your most authentic self can shine! The human body is capable of such an incredibly wide range of movements and we tend to get stuck in very limited patterns. Variety in movement keeps us engaged, excited, and creative. Our job is to provide you with that perfect level of movement challenge where learning and growth can happen without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Self Reliance

At Move True, our sessions will be a learning experience. We hope to empower you in making decisions on your own that align with your goals and your morals. There are way more hours spent outside of 1-on-1 sessions than in them, so we aim to give you the tools to be your own coach with the ability to grow by listening to your body and trusting your intuition.

Keep It Fun

Work can be draining, relationships are hard work, time doesn’t slow down, life is DIFFICULT! We will always have some new obstacle to overcome, which means it is vital to make time for things we love and to have fun no matter what we are doing.  Training with Move True will prepare you to handle anything.