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We are excited to announce that we have installed a cold plunge tub at Casa Mira View! There are many benefits to cold plunges including helping you manage stress, improving your recovery and detoxification.


Reduce muscle pain and stiffness after exercise

Reduce swelling and inflammation.

Improve risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Improve circulation

Deepen your sleep

Spike energy levels

Strengthen immune system

Manage stress

Increase brown fat (helps burn calories and controls blood sugar & insulin levels)

Helpful Tips

For cold plunge


If you have never really done cold immersion before, we recommend starting with your temperature set to 55°F to first get comfortable with using your breath to regain control and find comfort in the cold.

Somewhat Experienced

If you have done ice baths before but are still not quite comfortable with it, we recommend starting at 42-45°F and see how 2 minutes feels at that temperature. Head dunk at the end before you get out and be sure to come back to the breath before jumping out!


If you’ve experienced many ice baths before and can’t seem to get it cold enough, crank it down to 37°F and chill in the tub for up to 5 minutes. We recommend you experiment with doing a head dunk in the middle or even the beginning of your immersion rather than waiting to the end. It will force you to come back to your breath and regain composure.

How long should you be in a cold tub?

We recommend 3-5 minutes for most plunges with 15 minutes being the absolute maximum. Research shows that just 11 minutes of cold exposure per week is enough to spark positive physiological changes.


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