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At Move True, we want to bring the best out of you. We take a compassionate approach to health and human performance.

Move True mission


This process is life-long but we are here to help break down the steps of understanding the way you move.


For energy to flow freely, we must first removes the blocks like stress, tension, & false beliefs.


Learn to love the entire process of exploring yourself and the world ~ that means the highs AND the lows. 

Move True Highlights

Personal training & group fitness sessions are our premier services at Move True.

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realize Your potential.

Services & Programs

Who we are is more about how we move than how we look.  How we move through life includes the choices we make. When we move in ways that are true to ourselves, we can realize our potential, strengthen our relationships and maximize our health.

Personal Training


Private training is the best way to reach your goals safely and efficiently. Our holistic approach to training helps develop strong, confident, compassionate people.

Nutrition Coaching


Customized nutrition coaching that is designed to give YOU the knowledge and the power to eat the way you want and feel good about it.

Group Fitness


We offer a diverse range of group classes all across San Diego, providing everyone with an opportunity to find what moves them

Meditation & Breathwork


Cultivate an awareness that helps you express your most authentic self at all times. Use the breath to move energy internally and improve internal mapping.

Cold Plunge


Cold exposure has many potential physiological and psychological benefits, however, results may vary and cold plunges aren’t for everyone.  Contact us to find out of cold therapy is right for you and your goals.

The Move
True Mentality

About Move True

Christopher Horstman

Founder of Move True, LLC
B.S. Kinesiology, CSCS

I believe my purpose in this life is to put smiles on peoples faces.  The avenue I’ve chosen to do that through is one that provides me the most variety in how those smiles are generated.  I’ve learned so much about myself through athletic endeavors and my own health and wellness journey, it’s only right I try my best to help YOU in pursuit of your goals.

Move True Vision

Move True is a system that educates.  Learn to become the skilled operator of the gift that is your body. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of self-mastery. “The Guru is You” is a reminder that we all have deep wisdom within us, waiting to be discovered.